My Fitness Theory

I’m committed to inspiring a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and good life choices.  Working out doesn’t  have to be boring- it should be something that you have fun doing and feel energized when you’re done.  If you are  bored, you’re less likely to stick with it and if you do the same things over and over again, your body quickly adapts.  Variety is vital.  Constantly changing how you challenge your body helps keep your mind and muscles stimulated.  Having some fun with it is just an a little extra bonus.   I believe in pushing yourself to the next level. If your workout is not challenging you, it is also not transforming you.  Transformation, after all, is the point of working out.  You work out to make yourself strong and healthy, with both mind and body.

To transform, you must modify and, in some cases, end behaviors that undermine your hard work.  Smoking, overeating, and a sedentary lifestyle all work against a healthy, confident body.  Fad diets are not the key to losing weight AND keeping it off. You must change your choices and work towards sustainable changes.  That doesn’t mean cutting out foods you love,only moderating how you eat them. I have found that so many of the foods I love can be made healthier. At the same time, there are some things that are simply saved for special occasions, you must enjoy life and live a little.    Portion control and PLANNING  allow me to enjoy a favorite food without making it a major dietary set back.  These types of changes do not occur overnight, in fact they shouldn’t.   You’re more likely to stick with small changes, gradually.  By becoming aware of how to change these behaviors, it becomes easier to integrate them into your life over time.  Even small changes now can have a tremendous impact later.

Not everyone is a runner.  Not everyone feels comfortable in the gym.  Find what gives you strength, what builds your stamina, and feeds your spirit- then get out and do it!

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